his guide is aimed at the general reader who does not have a detailed understanding of BIM, but wishes to gain sufficient understanding to assess the possible impacts of BIM on their construction product manufacturing or distribution business.

The guide explains the basic vocabulary of BIM so that readers will be better able to understand the wider debates about it. It looks at how BIM has evolved from the earliest drawing and specification systems, how the various types of BIM differ and what benefits they offer. The reasons for the government’s drive to adopt BIM are explained and the requirements that will fall on to the supply chain are set out. Case studies are included, showing how manufacturers are taking up the challenge of BIM. - 

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Building information modeling (BIM) is a new way of approaching the design and documentation of building projects.

Building - the entire lifecycle of the building is considered (design/build/operations)
Information - all information about the building and its lifecycle is included
Modeling - defining and simulating the building, its delivery, and operation using integrated tools

BIM provides several major advantages over CAD:

BIM Models and manages not just graphics, but also information – information that allows the automatic generation of drawings and reports, design analysis, schedule simulation, facilities management, and more – ultimately enabling the building team to make better-informed decisions.

BIM supports a distributed team so that people, tools, and tasks can effectively share this information throughout the building lifecycle, thus eliminating data redundancy, data re-entry, data loss, miscommunication, and translation errors.

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It is a favourite question of pub philosophers everywhere. If you gave an infinite number of monkeys an infinite number of Computers, would they eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare?

Try the same experiment with a 3D design and what will you get?

The BIMPanzee is the next stage of evolution on from the CAD Monkey. They have evolved from a primitive being to a highly intellectual breed of animal. They can be found in small groups all over the world and are growing in numbers every day as the knowledge is passed from one troop member to another.

The BIMPanzee is a very sought after individual with Skills in Autodesk 3D, Revit, Bentley Aecosim, and are exploring into 4D, 5D and even 6D to improve the way the world of the construction industry is viewed.

They are a highly efficient animal and this website intends to help the BIMPanzee to improve his knowledge with the help of others